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Kokoen Garden

When you visit Himeji Castle, I strongly recommend to drop by Kokoen Garden as well. Kokoen is not actually a  historical place, but constructed in 1992 at the exact site where Castle Lord’s West Residence had been, next to Himeji Castle. This garden consists of nine different types of gardens, and all of them are… Read More »

Himeji Castle

National treasure Himeji Castle was designated a World Heritage site in 1993. Also “the Restoration of Himeji Castle Main Keep” was just finished in 2015. History of Himeji Castle dates back in 1333, and it is said 13 family and 48 generations served as the lord of castle since then. Majestic outer gate. 18 languages brochures.… Read More »


Suma-Temple is one of the oldest temples in Japan, it dates back in 888. Suma is famous as the historic  site of the fierce battle between two warring clans called, respectively, the Genji and the Heike. Most of all, this Suma-Temple is said to be where the Battle of Ichinotani took place, and the Heike… Read More »