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Antique Postcards

I’ve got some antique postcards from an antique market. They are supposed to be of 1930s, and partly embossed. This unique fan design with ancient court people is  partly with gold and silver. This piece has a handwriting of someone, who seems to be not Japanese. Maybe he traveled to Japan in 1930s and wrote… Read More »

Summer Sweets

The other day, my friend brought me this block-type summer sweets. It is named “murmur of the brook,” and blue maple leaves are designed on the package and sweets itself! Mainly made from sugar syrup, agar, and sweet beans,  it’s refreshing just  to look at it.   It’s so nice to have this kind of juicy… Read More »

Summer jelly sweets from Toraya

My friend brought me these soft adzuki-bean jelly from Toraya,  one of the most long-established confectionery shops in Japan. Toraya’s main product is adzuki-bean jelly, most of the time in block type. They offer “soft type ” in summer, which contains more water, and refreshing to taste. According to the ingredients, there are 4 flavours.… Read More »

Cafe at Chorakukan

If you look for somewhere to take a break in Higashiyama-area in Kyoto, I recommend Choraku-kan. It locates between Yasaka shrine and Maruyama Park. Choraku-kan dates back in 1909, and it used to be a guest villa of a wealty businessman in Kyoto. The elegant building is very conspicuous, so you can easily find it.… Read More »

Ippodo Main Store

Ippodo is the name of a distributor of Japanese green tea , and everybody know its name. However, this Main Store in Kyoto is very special and maybe even avid tea drinkers are likely to get an experience they’ve never had before. Unlike other shops in department stores, here you can choose directly from the… Read More »

Kagizen Main Store

When in central Kyoto, shijo-kawaramachi, I recommend you to drop in Kagizen Main Store. Kagizen has continued 15 generations to its current family head, and nearly 300 years since its establishment. Like the numerous long-established sweet shops in Kyoto, the sweets have been offered to common shoppers, and temple priests alike, but being situated in… Read More »

Summer Jelly Sweets

This is another cool-looking sweets from Kagizen, Kyoto. This one is called “Minase” (dried river), and is special edition for the event in Osaka Hankyu Department. Made only from sugar, black sugar, and agar. Vague dots are of black sugar. Surface is dry, but soft inside like jelly. Subtle sweetness, and good for both hot… Read More »

Assorted Japanese Tea Bags

I got a bunch of assorted Japanese tea bags in attractive wrapping! 10 different types of tea from Shizuoka, known as a famous production area of tea leaves. Tea is different in terms of kind and the way of making it. Don’t worry, each one has its own card with explanation of how to make.… Read More »

Adzuki bean granola from Toraya

Thanks to the trend of health foods in recent years,granola has become very popular, so as well as in Japan. I found this “Adzuki beans granola” very delicious, and got a bunch of packs. Adzuki(Japanese red beans) has deep involvement with Japanese food culture since ancient times. We celebrate happy occasions with festive red rice… Read More »