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Enveloped rice cracker

Look at these cute little envelopes. This type of envelope is used to give money for someone, the most classic occasion is New Years’ gifts for kids. What do you think is inside this time? Each envelope contains a vacuum packed thin rice cracker! This idea is from Hyohyoan, produced a wonderful encounter of the… Read More »

Gluten cake treasure soup

Do you know what these are? “Gluten cake treasure soup” from Fumuroya in Kanazawa. Fumuroya’s  history dates back in 1865, and its gluten products are long beloved by people in Kanazawa, late castle city. This is their main products for souvenir, and each is vacuum packed neatly. Inside the pack, you can find a beautiful… Read More »

Ghost’s Baby-Nursing Candy

In Kyoto, there is a candy shop that has the longest history in Japan, it is said more than 400years. Name of the shop and the candy is very interesting…..Ghost’s Nursing Candy! It is based upon an ancient folklore like this: One upon a time, a pregnant young woman was dead and buried, and she… Read More »

Japanese dry sweets

Japanese sweets are often served with green powdered tea , so how to represent season is very important. This fresh green dry sweets are from KAGIZEN in Kyoto. Kagizen dates back in 1726, one of the most popular Japanese sweets shops with long history. This is one of their branch opened in 2012. Package comes… Read More »

Japanese style Cream puff

Looking like Japanese sweets, however, these are cream puffs from “Adachi Otoemon”. A box comes with two cream puffs, nicely wrapped in paper with traditional cloud pattern. Puff has a slit from the outset. By slightly opening it,  you can see the inside ( chestnut cream, fresh cream, and a big chestnut). And it’s also… Read More »

Japanese sweets in spring

Pleasure to the eyes, traditional Japanese sweets are crafted to reflect the four seasons. Look at these from “Ryoguchiya-Korekiyo”, they are truly “edible art” representing spring. Each has its own  flavor. This kind of sweets are often served with green powdered tea. Finish up the whole sweets , then have a cup of tea, that’s… Read More »

A set of papers from “KIRA KARACHO”

A set of beautifully hand-printed papers by woodblocks from “KIRA KARACHO”. Founded in Kyoto in 1624, KARACHO is the only Karakami(paper used for sliding doors in Japanese room) atelier in Japan that has remained in existence. Today, we can enjoy this traditional treasure in everyday style as well. This set of papers comes with this… Read More »