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Fireworks in mid-summer

From end of July to mid of August,  fireworks displays are taken place throughout Japan. Some of them are very popular to be broadcast on TV. In this period of the year, there is a ritual to welcome ancestral souls, so fireworks are considered to be one of those occasions. I went to “Yodo-river fireworks… Read More »

Early summer Sweets Gift

My friend gave me these delicious-looking Japanese sweets from Seikanin, Kyoto. Seikanin  specializes in various adzuki(sweet) bean paste confectionery. Besides,they create beautiful sweets according to 24 seasons in the solar year. In this early summer season, jelly type like this, fresh peach inside, is so smooth to taste. Above all, considering someone’s mind and health… Read More »

Hydrangeas in June

If asked the flower of June, we definitely say “hydrangea”. While walking, I bump into various hydrangeas in front of neighborhood houses. It’s really fun to see lots of types of hydrangea, feeling the coming of early summer. Since hydrangea has been the popular motif for paintings, there are many gardens famous for hydrangeas. It’s… Read More »

Flowers in May

After cherry blossoms fall, various flowers come into bloom. In Japan, most popular flower in May must be  azalea. I can see azalea everywhere in my neighborhood. Mimosa is also beautiful. White and pink dogwood. Confederate rose. From spring to early summer, we enjoy the season blessed with nature.

Little Samurai in May

We celebrate May 5 as “Children’s day”, or “Boy’s festival”. (Girls have “Girl’s festival on March 3). Boy’s parents display “colorful carp banners” outside the house and “samurai helmet”inside , hoping that children will grow up with courage and wisdom. “Samurai helmets” are elaborately crafted and often very expensive, so most of the cases, affordable… Read More »

Sakura week

Cherry blossom blooms literally bring spring in Japan. From the end of March to the beginning of April,we Japanese all become crazy about Sakura. Every morning, TV anchorperson tells us about Sakura(Cherry blossom) information. In this occasion, SNS feeds are full of Sakura photos posted by friends. We even describe Sakura bloom according to the… Read More »