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Early summer Sweets Gift

My friend gave me these delicious-looking Japanese sweets from Seikanin, Kyoto. Seikanin  specializes in various adzuki(sweet) bean paste confectionery. Besides,they create beautiful sweets according to 24 seasons in the solar year. In this early summer season, jelly type like this, fresh peach inside, is so smooth to taste. Above all, considering someone’s mind and health… Read More »

Yogen-in Temple

Yogen-in Temple is a Buddhist temple  located in Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City It was  constructed by Lady Yodo(Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s concubine) in 1594 in remembrance of her father Nagamasa Azai, and like other old temples, it has a long complicated history. One of the unique  points of Yogen-in is its luck to preserve the paintings on the… Read More »

Ippodo Main Store

Ippodo is the name of a distributor of Japanese green tea , and everybody know its name. However, this Main Store in Kyoto is very special and maybe even avid tea drinkers are likely to get an experience they’ve never had before. Unlike other shops in department stores, here you can choose directly from the… Read More »

Hydrangeas in June

If asked the flower of June, we definitely say “hydrangea”. While walking, I bump into various hydrangeas in front of neighborhood houses. It’s really fun to see lots of types of hydrangea, feeling the coming of early summer. Since hydrangea has been the popular motif for paintings, there are many gardens famous for hydrangeas. It’s… Read More »

Hasegawa Tohaku at Chishakuin

Histories of temples are always deeply connected with the power of a supreme ruler at that time. Chishakuin is no exception. Chishakuin’s origin has a long history and formerly located near Koyasan. After suffering persecution by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, it was founded at present location in Kyoto in 1601, with support from Tokugawa Ieyasu. After the… Read More »

Kagizen Main Store

When in central Kyoto, shijo-kawaramachi, I recommend you to drop in Kagizen Main Store. Kagizen has continued 15 generations to its current family head, and nearly 300 years since its establishment. Like the numerous long-established sweet shops in Kyoto, the sweets have been offered to common shoppers, and temple priests alike, but being situated in… Read More »

Kokoen Garden

When you visit Himeji Castle, I strongly recommend to drop by Kokoen Garden as well. Kokoen is not actually a  historical place, but constructed in 1992 at the exact site where Castle Lord’s West Residence had been, next to Himeji Castle. This garden consists of nine different types of gardens, and all of them are… Read More »