Summer jelly sweets from Toraya

By | 2016-07-12

My friend brought me these soft adzuki-bean jelly from Toraya,  one of the most long-established confectionery shops in Japan.

Toraya’s main product is adzuki-bean jelly, most of the time in block type.

They offer “soft type ” in summer, which contains more water, and refreshing to taste.

According to the ingredients, there are 4 flavours.

japan,sweets, toraya,

japan,sweets, toraya,

Sharing two flavours…..

japan,sweets, toraya,

Or four flavours….

japan,sweets, toraya,

Anyway, it’s so nice to have sweet soft watery sweets in hot summer!

japan,sweets, toraya,

For more information: Toraya

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