Gluten cake treasure soup

By | 2016-05-16

Do you know what these are?

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“Gluten cake treasure soup” from Fumuroya in Kanazawa.

Fumuroya’s ¬†history dates back in 1865, and its gluten products are long beloved by people in Kanazawa, late castle city.

This is their main products for souvenir, and each is vacuum packed neatly.

Inside the pack, you can find a beautiful dried gluten cake and a pack of dried sea weed broth.

This is how to eat soup.


Unpack the gluten cake and dried broth in a bowl.

japan, souvenir, recommend


Pour the boiling water into the bowl.

japan, souvenir, recommend


Wait  for a minute and stir with chopsticks.
You will find beautiful ingredients come out from the cake.

japan, souvenir, recommend

It’s fun to have this small gluten soup such as treasure, and it’s also very delicious!

Here is another one.

japan, souvenir, recommend

For more information: Fumuroya

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