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Framed woodblock print by Takeuchi Seihou

Framed woodblock print by Takeuchi Seihou. Takeuchi Seihou (1864-1942) is regarded as a pioneer of modern Japanese-style painting,followed by many disciples. His pictures have a sophisticated beauty and refinement, and his paintings of plants and animals are highly-praised. He was one of the first to receive the Order of Culture by Japanese government. Framed in… Read More »

Antique bird dish

Small square deep china dish with plover bird design. Simplified shape of plover and wave is the characteristic of Japanese art in 19th century. This is an antique piece, hand painted in deep blue. Way to use is up to you. Nice to put in some small things, like watches and accessories.   【SHOP NOW… Read More »

Arita Blue Phoenix Vase

Arita is famous for its porcelain, and Tsuji-Seijisha has the longest history and authority. This pottery producer serves as purveyor of the Japanese Imperial household since 1664, for more than 350 years!   Skills and techniques are handed down for generations, and now 15th head takes over its name. His style is characterized by its… Read More »

Old Noritake Bluebird

“Old Noritake” or “Early Noritake”, is the  generic name of Japanese ceramic products made mainly for export, by Morimura Brothers and Japan Ceramics. Old Noritake china is highly  praised for its elegant style and elaborate technique. Now they are considered to be art works and popular among antique lovers. Old Noritake products were mainly tableware, so… Read More »

Framed Print by Sakai Hoitsu

Framed Print by Sakai Hoitsu, detail of “Flowers and birds of the four seasons” , 1818, Tokyo National Museum. Sakai Hoitsu(1761 – 1828) was a painter in the late Edo period, and well known as a Rinpa School painter. His painting style was characterized by its neatness, especially, his Kacho-ga (painting of flowers and birds) works are highly-praised.… Read More »