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Camellia at Jonan-gu

Jonan-gu is located in southern part of Kyoto. From late  11th century to the beginning of 12th century, consecutive emperors abdicated but stayed in power. In that case, they no longer stayed in designated imperial palace, but lived in detached palace, and Jonan-gu is one of them. Beautiful garden surrounds the shrine. We can enjoy… Read More »

Shokoku-ji Temple

Shokokuji Temple was built in 1382 by Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu , who is regarded as one of the most powerful and influential  figures in Japanese history. It is located next to Kyoto Imperial Palace. Like many of Kyoto’s treasures, however, the temple complex was destroyed by fire and rebuilt many times. This Dharma Hall (Hatto) was… Read More »

Hashimoto Kansetsu Garden & Museum

Located just a short distance west of the famous Ginkakuji Temple, there is a garden&museum, called “Hakusasonsou”, which is a famous Japanese artist, Hashimoto Kansetsu’s private villa and garden. There is his nameplate “Hashimoto” at the entrance. Hashimoto Kansetsu(1883–1945) is a well-known  nihon-ga (Japanese style) painter. First, he studied under Takeuchi Seihou (1864-1942), the leading figure… Read More »

Shinnyo-do Temple

Shinnyo-do Temple is located at the east side of Kyoto, near Eikando and Honen-in. It dates back in 984, however, like many other temples in Kyoto, it relocated several times, and finally came back to this original place in 1693. People call this temple as “Temple of flowers.” so you will enjoy beautiful flowers throughout… Read More »

Cafe Shinkokan

If you are walking in north-east area of Kyoto, Shinkokan cafe will be a comfort hideout. Located near Yoshida shrine, this cafe is inside of a long established Yoshida Sansou Ryokan. Yoshida Sansou entrance.     Yoshida Sansou Ryokan( hotel). Near the Ryokan, there is another house, this is Shinkokan Cafe. Upstairs is totally different… Read More »

Mirei Shigemori Garden Museum

Shigemori Mirei is one of the greatest garden architects in 20th century, maybe his  most famous work is Hojo Garden in Tofukuji temple, and he created over ninety religious and domestic gardens throughout Japan. It’s a  so precious experience that here in Kyoto, we can visit “The Shigemori Residence” and appreciate his private garden and… Read More »

Ginkaku-ji Temple

Getting near to the Ginkaku-ji Temple, or Silver Pavilion, is already an exciting experience. The entrance gate. Right after the entrance, you’ll be surrounded by huge green walls. Looking through the large temple kitchen on the left…… You will see the Ginkaku, or “Silver Pavilion” , remains just the same from it’s foundation, surviving many… Read More »

Nomura Art Museum

Nomura art museum is located in Higashiyama, Kyoto, very near to Nanzen-ji temple. Here we can appreciate art objects and crafted products collected by Tokushichi Nomura, a well-known ardent collector of art works,  the founder of a financial clique and a man of refined taste with the tea spirit in mind. Today, I went to see… Read More »