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Hashimoto Kansetsu Garden & Museum

Located just a short distance west of the famous Ginkakuji Temple, there is a garden&museum, called “Hakusasonsou”, which is a famous Japanese artist, Hashimoto Kansetsu’s private villa and garden. There is his nameplate “Hashimoto” at the entrance. Hashimoto Kansetsu(1883–1945) is a well-known  nihon-ga (Japanese style) painter. First, he studied under Takeuchi Seihou (1864-1942), the leading figure… Read More »

Nomura Art Museum

Nomura art museum is located in Higashiyama, Kyoto, very near to Nanzen-ji temple. Here we can appreciate art objects and crafted products collected by Tokushichi Nomura, a well-known ardent collector of art works,  the founder of a financial clique and a man of refined taste with the tea spirit in mind. Today, I went to see… Read More »

Sen-oku Hakuko-kan Museum

Sen-oku Hakuko Kan Museum, known as the Sumitomo Collection, is located in a quiet residential area, Shishigatani, noted for its beautiful scenic view of the Higashiyama mountain range. Entrance. Lobby. Rest space. Inner garden. From the inner garden you can enjoy beautiful scenery of Higashiyama mountains. This time, I went to see this presentation: “Arts and… Read More »

Jakuchu at Hosomi Museum

The Hosomi Museum is located in Kyoto’s eastern district of Okazaki,next to famous Heian Shrine. The museum is based on the collection of the late Osaka industrialist, Hosomi Ryo, and it is strong in works by the Kano school, Rimpa school, literati paintings and the individualist painter, Ito Jakuchu (1716-1800). I went to the exhibition “Ito… Read More »

Itsuo Art Museum

Went to see the exhibition “Tea bowl tales” at Itsuo Art Museum in Ikeda, Osaka. Itsuo Art Museum owns art works collected by Ichizo Kobayashi, founder of Hankyu Railway and Hankyu Corporation Group. Among his multiple businesses, you may know Hankyu Department Store, Takarazuka Revue Company and Toei (Movie) Company. Kobayashi had a deep knowledge… Read More »

Jakuchu The 300th Anniversary of his Birth

This year celebrates Jakuchu’s tricentennial anniversary and this special exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum introduced masterpieces spanning his early to late career. I was so eager to see this exhibition, however, I gave up to line up for 240 minutes to enter. Yes, actually, I missed the exhibition. It may be hard to believe,… Read More »

Hatakeyama Memorial Museum of Fine Art

Went to see the exhibition “Korin and his Successors”~marking the 300th year since the passing of Ogata Korin~  at Hatakeyama Memorial Museum of Fine Art in Tokyo. The Hatakeyama Memorial Museum of Fine Art was established in 1964. The emphasis of the collection is on arts relating to the tea ceremony and profound aesthetics of… Read More »