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Assorted Japanese Tea Bags

I got a bunch of assorted Japanese tea bags in attractive wrapping! 10 different types of tea from Shizuoka, known as a famous production area of tea leaves. Tea is different in terms of kind and the way of making it. Don’t worry, each one has its own card with explanation of how to make.… Read More »

Adzuki bean granola from Toraya

Thanks to the trend of health foods in recent years,granola has become very popular, so as well as in Japan. I found this “Adzuki beans granola” very delicious, and got a bunch of packs. Adzuki(Japanese red beans) has deep involvement with Japanese food culture since ancient times. We celebrate happy occasions with festive red rice… Read More »

Enveloped rice cracker

Look at these cute little envelopes. This type of envelope is used to give money for someone, the most classic occasion is New Years’ gifts for kids. What do you think is inside this time? Each envelope contains a vacuum packed thin rice cracker! This idea is from Hyohyoan, produced a wonderful encounter of the… Read More »

Gluten cake treasure soup

Do you know what these are? “Gluten cake treasure soup” from Fumuroya in Kanazawa. Fumuroya’s  history dates back in 1865, and its gluten products are long beloved by people in Kanazawa, late castle city. This is their main products for souvenir, and each is vacuum packed neatly. Inside the pack, you can find a beautiful… Read More »

Konchi-in Temple

Konchi-in Temple is one of the subordinate temples of Nanzen-ji, so it’s located next to Nanzen-ji Temple. Originally founded around 1400, it was transferred to its present place around 1600 by the priest Suden. Priest Suden was known as “prime minister in the black robe”, dominated in the fields of politics, diplomacy and culture under the… Read More »