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Shokoku-ji Temple

Shokokuji Temple was built in 1382 by Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu , who is regarded as one of the most powerful and influential  figures in Japanese history. It is located next to Kyoto Imperial Palace. Like many of Kyoto’s treasures, however, the temple complex was destroyed by fire and rebuilt many times. This Dharma Hall (Hatto) was… Read More »

Shinnyo-do Temple

Shinnyo-do Temple is located at the east side of Kyoto, near Eikando and Honen-in. It dates back in 984, however, like many other temples in Kyoto, it relocated several times, and finally came back to this original place in 1693. People call this temple as “Temple of flowers.” so you will enjoy beautiful flowers throughout… Read More »

Ginkaku-ji Temple

Getting near to the Ginkaku-ji Temple, or Silver Pavilion, is already an exciting experience. The entrance gate. Right after the entrance, you’ll be surrounded by huge green walls. Looking through the large temple kitchen on the left…… You will see the Ginkaku, or “Silver Pavilion” , remains just the same from it’s foundation, surviving many… Read More »

Konchi-in Temple

Konchi-in Temple is one of the subordinate temples of Nanzen-ji, so it’s located next to Nanzen-ji Temple. Originally founded around 1400, it was transferred to its present place around 1600 by the priest Suden. Priest Suden was known as “prime minister in the black robe”, dominated in the fields of politics, diplomacy and culture under the… Read More »